Vasilis is the captain and owner of the motorboat Gazal. He is an experienced sailor not only  on the Greek seas but overseas as well, since he has an extended and long-lasting career as a sub lieutenant, having travelled to different parts of the world such as  North Europe, Africa and Canada.

Motivated by his love for the sea, comfort and quality, he acquired this luxurious vessel with the aim of offering the beauty of travelling to anyone who is in search of it. Making the most of his experience and by giving priority to security, captain Vasilis, is travelling us to the beauty of the Greek sea destinations.

Our main vision is the creation of unique and unforgettable holidays
by offering services of high quality.


Penny is the person who will cater for all your needs so that you can enjoy every single moment of the journey as well as the facilities of the vessel without being preoccupied. She has been actively involved in sailing races for many years and she is a member of the Board of Directors at the Sailing club of Rethymno.

Her love for the sea and travelling make her want to introduce as many people as possible to a different way of life enriched by travelling.

The captain, along with the crew, does his best to make you
enjoy a secure and carefree cruise!


Create unforgettable memories with us.

Luxury cruising Gazal Yacht