Beneteau Antares 46 ft


Beneteau’s powerboat is clearly very different to most typical 46ft (14m) flybridge boats. You will be impressed by the boat’s efficiency and the stability of the ride.

Cruise to Greek Isles


The Gazal, surprisingly spacious, incorporates all the necessary features to ensure you enjoy life to the full. Enjoy the sun on the flybridge or on deck. The teak decoration is everywhere and makes every corner a place to enjoy. How nice to experience this lifestyle and all these activities at the same time.

Gazal is an Antares 13.80, the flagship of Beneteau’s powerboat range maintains the company’s formidable reputation for building excellent-performing and comfortable cruisers.

Beneteau’s approach to Antares design was distinctively Mediterranean. Stylish, open outdoor areas, the balanced use of timbers and laminates, generous access around the boat’s periphery and less emphasis on interior volume, adds to this motoryacht’s appeal.

Comfortable, powerfull and stylish, the Antarès 13.80 brings genuine navigation pleasure together with a seaworthy and safe behaviour. She carries the latest, hi tech innovation in comfort for easy life aboard. With her beam of 4.30m, the Antares 13.80 is a real home afloat. Life aboard, both inside and outside is sheer enjoyment.

Antares 13.80

Gazal Yacht features

  • Length: 13,95 m
  • Dry weight: 11885 kg
  • Beam: 4,30 m
  • Water capacity: 640 L
  • Draught: 1,15 m
  • Toilets: 2
  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Fuel capacity: 1500 L
  • Berth: 6 + 1
  • Engine (HP): 2×480
  • Cabins: 3 + salon
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Design: Sarrazin Design
  • Bow Thruster: Yes

The yacht is fully equipped with all the certified safety equipment and lifeboats.

Departure from Marina of Rethymno or upon request by another harbor.

Total number of passengers: 10



Create unforgettable memories with Gazal Yacht in Crete.

We aim at those who wish to experience the magic of the coastline beaches of our island as well as of the Aegean Sea
without losing the comfort of their own home.

Tied to shore, the Antares 13.80 takes on the appearance of a traditional cruiser.  Underway, the boat isn’t so tame – the modern planing hull exhibits a good turn of speed. You will be impressed by the boat’s efficiency and the dryness of ride in the windy condition. Her two turbocharged engines allows a smooth, quiet and pleasant ride and a particularly low fuel consumption at cruising speed , while allowing a 30 knots plus max speed at full load


Greek Private Yacht Charter


Live your private cruise holiday Greek islands with experience captain. The captain, along with the crew, does his best to make you enjoy a secure and carefree cruise! Throw an exceptional cruise with maximum freedom, privacy & safety.

Multi Day Charter. Greek Island Cruise. Rethymno Daily Private Cruises Gazal Yacht


Vasilis is the captain and owner of the motorboat Gazal. He is an experienced sailor not only on the Greek seas but overseas as well, since he has an extended and long-lasting career as a sub lieutenant, having travelled to different parts of the world such as North Europe, Africa and Canada. Motivated by his love for the sea, comfort and quality, he acquired this luxurious vessel with the aim of offering the beauty of travelling to anyone who is in search of it. Making the most of his experience and by giving priority to security, captain Vasilis, is travelling us to the beauty of the Greek sea destinations.

Feel free, enjoy your private cruise with Gazal Yacht


Penny is the person who will cater for all your needs so that you can enjoy every single moment of the journey as well as the facilities of the vessel without being preoccupied. She has been actively involved in sailing races for many years and she is a member of the Board of Directors at the Sailing club of Rethymno. Her love for the sea and travelling make her want to introduce as many people as possible to a different way of life enriched by travelling.

Private Daily Cruise in Crete or
Private Multi-day Cruise
in islands of Greece​?

Cristofer Dalas

First Captain

Stephen Wilson


Zachary Barnett


James Delgado

First Captain